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Do you have a brain? Great! Our program is for you! Participants range from young children to teenagers and adults. In The Cortex puts you in charge by showing you the simple body movements that connect your brain and body.

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Valentina Murguia-Deneken

In just the first week I started In the Cortex, I started seeing physical changes. My eyes were twitching a lot, I felt movement inside my head, and my severe car sickness was gone! After a few weeks of doing the floor work, I also noticed I was making better and healthier decisions, my time management skills improved, and I could concentrate way easier. I now have more confidence and the ability to speak my mind.


Phaedra Martin

In the Cortex  has changed our life and our son’s life in so many ways. Our son is now more compliant with us and others, he can sit still for longer periods of time, he is not as impulsive and is better at sports. The most important change that we have seen is that he feels better about himself. He is happier all around and no longer sees himself as the “bad” boy. This has meant the world to us!

Elementary School Teacher

Alejandra Gomez

Both of my boys did In the Cortex and the results have been outstanding. Not only did the frequency of melt downs decrease significantly due to a more efficient use of their frontal cortex but in addition their resiliency skills have deepened in extraordinary ways. Do they struggle occasionally? Yes, of course, they are human! But, contrary to their prior under developed stage now my children know they are empowered and in full control. In my opinion, once children internalize the benefits of intention paired up with brain work the sky is the limit. Doing this type of work with your children is a lifelong gift that will continue to see its rewards long after your children are done completing their new neurological pathways. We attempted several types of therapies but for us In the Cortex did the job like no other. We highly recommend this program.

Elementary School Teacher

Lindsay Tatje

Without question, In the Cortex is the reason why I can smile each day and be proud for what I have accomplished. This program was the solution to my unwanted tendencies-which were often coupled with a feeling of dissatisfaction for under performance. Since I was a young adult, I had always been on medication to curb feelings of malaise and anxiety. After clocking 25 hours on the floor with Creeping and Crawling, a shift in my feelings started to emerge. I noticed the little things happening: the urge to bite my nails was gone and smoking cigarettes became more and more unappealing. Eventually with more creeping, I completely quit smoking, stopped biting my nails and began to feel stronger and more confident. The changes did not stop there, I soon landed a fantastic job and my relationships with my friends and family have never been stronger. There was an inherent awareness about who I was and what I was capable of becoming and it has been incredible. The brain can change-there is no doubt about it. The bottom line is that In the Cortex allows you to change yourself when you have been challenged with the inability to change the situations around you.

Social Media Consultant

Julie F

Does your child have temper tantrums? Do people tell you they will grow out of them? Does your child have a limited number of friends or her teacher is concerned about listening and following directions? Does she over react to water on her shirt or tags on her clothes? All of these scenarios are real to the child and the adults that work with them. I know, I’m a mom and a teacher who had to cope with these real events and more with my own son. What did I do? I looked for help for my son to overcome and become the person I know he could be. In the Cortex has changed my son’s life. He is thriving, calm, focused and happy. We no longer have many of the issues that school personnel told me, even as a teacher, that my son would just have to outgrow. I am a better parent and teacher due to the brain building work of Neuroplasticity. I have solid strategies for my son and students to achieve their best.

Elementary School Teacher

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