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In the Cortex programs put you in charge by showing you the simple body movements that connect your brain and body. Our online, self-guided programs are easy to do at home, accessible, and affordable. Take charge of your brain today!

In the Cortex is all about movement

Brain reorganization is a non-invasive method of completing lower brain development by re-creating the movements that we might have missed as babies.

The brain is naturally meant to develop in a certain way through movement patterns that babies are programmed to do in the first year of life. These movements develop the primitive parts of the brain, which are mostly in charge of the automatic functions that are keeping us alive. But brain development is not linear! Many people do not have the opportunity to move enough as babies, which can interrupt efficient lower brain development.


How organized is your brain?

Yes! It covers the whole household, and it’s even more transformative when the whole family participates. ITC families create the most incredible bonds 🙂

One of the great things about our In the Cortex program (besides the fact that anyone can do it!) is that it requires little to nothing in terms of equipment. All of the program’s movements can be done using nothing other than your body. However, depending on your body weight, age, bone structure, and the kind of flooring you have, some of the movements might have you wishing for some padding. After all, we aren’t babies anymore!

Many clients find that knee pads or other cushions/padding are helpful. You don’t need to buy anything – you can get creative! We will give you a few options when you start the program. Our clients have shared numerous ways they’ve created cushions for their knees, hips, elbows, etc. with items from around the house. This need is often temporary while your body gets used to moving in a new way.

Every brain is different and every brain has a different starting point. Our program gives your brain a solid foundation to build upon, with the tools you need to continue with confidence. We recommend doing at least 12 weeks (one for each module) but some people will need more time, and some people will need less.

Our program is designed to be simple and accessible. The maximum commitment we encourage is 20 minutes per day for 12 weeks.
After the 12-module program, participants have the option to continue on their own schedule. In the Cortex is a lifestyle program, and you will want to continue using the tools you learn for the rest of your life :)

All of our exercises can be modified depending on the level of movement available to each participant. There are so many ways, both physically and mentally, to participate in this program, that nearly anything is possible. Our Brain Coaches are always available to guide you through different modifications for each movement.

The ideal age for our program is 2 years and up! Yes, that’s a big range!
The only time we take age into consideration is if a child is less than 2 years old, in which case the focus begins on the parents.

Check out our blog post about why this program is for everyone!



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